Enjoy your day in La Rochelle

What can I say... La Rochelle is so beautiful...so relaxing


La Rochelle Greeter visits are FREE and can accommodate up to 6 guests !

Greeter visits are offered in 2 languages (French, English)

Like having a friend or family member showing you around the city

Greeter visits are fun, informal, and definitely not what you'd find in your average guidebook!

La Rochelle Greeters are waiting to show you La Rochelle...


Looking for more flexibility, or making plans to visit La Rochelle at the last minute ? Let us take you on a FREE hour-long guided walk of the city, during the week and also on Saturdays and Sundays !

Let a friendly local give you an insider's orientation to La Rochelle ! Register at least 10 business days in advance for a FREE 2-3 hour guided visit of La Rochelle. Last minute visit ? Try to contact us directly on our contact page and we'll get back to you asap.

Enjoy your stay in La Rochelle

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